I still see people talking about that lipstick on boards and I look it up and I say no thanks.

You know what it reminds me of?? Like a demure version of NARS’ Turkish Delight that Kim K was all about seven years or butt shots ago. I remember I brought it home and tried it on and started to laugh. Lmfao, man, it was bad.

There was also an Estee Lauder shadow quad w/ some stage make up grade gold eyeshadow that I got from a woman who didn’t want it because it was “too much.” Naturally that got a lot of daily play w/ that creepy lipstick that made me look extra jaundiced. WHAT LOOKS, WHAT LOOKS. I wish I hadn’t trashed the pictures.

My mom kept all of my garbage from high school and she dropped off a pail of trollop spackle I created real fun wacky looks with back in ‘05. I wished I had friends in high school who would’ve told me the Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick (pale gold pink shimmer, mess.com) I reduced to a nub did not suit me in the slightest. Neither did that Lancome brush that deposited powdered bronzer. Real Rock of Love looks I was sporting.

I had my brows extra arched and my hairline threaded, my physical self esteem is through the roof, my people.

all the poop yogurt commercials in the world will not get me to like Shakira’s english music.

Cherry Blossom Girl


Air - Cherry Blossom Girl

I forgot how much dark hair makes my make up look like I’m reliving my old chola days of yore. I’m keeping my hoops but I should probably retire burgundy lipstick for now.

I can walk in my cast now so naturally the first place I go is the mac counter to look for some Proenza Schouler lipsticks!! I’m going to bankrupt myself with these frivolous But I Deserve It purchases. Also I was wondering why people stare like hobbling around with a cast in a mini skirt is the strangest thing in the world??

A message from greykiwi
I never asked: how did your tattoo heal up? And how is life at a marked lady? Or are you like me and completely forget you have it?

It healed perf. I had to change the typeface from Champion script to *gasp* Georgia, really neat traditional serif font, at the last minute at the artist’s advice which is really a minor concession considering I still really love it. I’m definitely getting something else for my birthday, probably more poetry bc I’m ~pretentious~.

I tried out a box of warm dark brown dye last night bc I had blond hair and six inches of really classy exposed roots and I have to say it turned out Not Bad. The amount of developer in the formula is probably no bueno but my hair is abnormally shiny so ya que, I guess. It definitely staved my urge to get the Anton Chigurh bob I was thinking about bc now I can manifest my desire to look like p. cruz in that weird coffee commercial w/ a few hot rollers and some Elnett.

I wish I could get paid to window shop for townhouses and villas in Qatar bc that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to for the last two weeks.

lmfao, I look like Mickey Rourke post facelift. I should gargle some vodka for the full effect.

I walked for the first time in a month. Small labored baby steps but it’s progress!!

I’m thinking of getting a v short Katie Holmes bob cut to cut down on maintence but given my inability to grow out bangs gracefully, I will probably leave the salon looking like Anton Chigurh. I got the limp down at least.