Catherine Deneuve photographed by David Bailey, 1973.


Catherine Deneuve photographed by David Bailey, 1973.

Also cleaned out my shoe closet and am left now w/ mostly flats, loafers, sneakers and like TWO pairs of heels that I can actually wear now. Those J. Crew Etta pumps I bought three years ago look so dowdy to me now. I never even got to wear these chartreuse faux snakeskin wedges I got at Target about a week before my accident. What now, what now.

The delay in a gas purchase processing just screwed me over.

I always manage to kick in an overdraft charge for some measly poorly planned POS purchase. Yeah, I wanted to use my card for a 0.99 water bottle at the gas station, what of it. More like Piece Of Shit purchase.

for the first time this year I actually have juuuust enough to cover my car payment and monthly tuition and other things and have a tiny bit left over to party with/stuff my sangria fund. I just feel like I’m going to enjoy this now until some automatic payment I forgot about swoops in.

I had two weeks to do this writing assignment and I finished it two hours before deadline and did spectacularly well on it! It has been seven years since I was in school, I have truly not lost my touch or procrastinating work habits.





Eartha Kitt | 1960s

Quote, “I wouldn’t bother to describe me. I’m Eartha Kitt.”

God, I love Eartha Kitt so much.


her eyebrows are perfect


junot diaz squat


Welcome to my twisted mind. Behold this picture of a white woman smoking. Lay witness to some pastel flowers. So fucking twisted.

I read a WSJ piece about how culottes area the ‘silhouette of the season’, you have got me fucked up.


nothing was the same

I used to think that the lack of relationships was bc of lack of opportunity but idk, that’s really never been the case when I think about it. I meet people all the time! I think I’ve been a young person long enough to know that people are interested but I’m rude and a monster and I can’t drop the alien complex no matter WHAT, I will find a million reasons (VALID reasons) to not go out on a date with somebody.

do you ever crush on someone and wonder why that personal is chronically unattached and at some point it becomes rampantly obvious WHY and you just turn into a pile of yogurt and sadness bc you’ll never have any kind of meaningful relationship w/ anyone of worth at this point.

Naturally, nadie me invito al pedo and it’s probably for good reason bc last Dieciseis I was on the floor pounding my fists and screaming about being la reina del palenque. They can’t take me anywhere!